I hope u all are doing great…

5days ago I was nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award by my amazing blogger and fascinating sketcher Akshaya Tulsi…..💖

(This is my 1st award )

She is really peerless blogger wid her amazing stuff…she regards herself as a pessimist but I think she is more realist than pessimist….And very lovely thing about her…she always treats wid me like elder sister and gives me a lot of loves and good advices…💞

Guys u all must visit and follow her blog soon

link- https/


Rules :

  • Thanks the blogger and provide link to their blog.
  • Put the award logo.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Nominate other bloggers

So here is my answers:

  • What is your favorite post u have written?

answer- Actually I can’t deciede …bcz when I think abt which can be my favourite post then a lot of thoughts collide nd all make me fail😌…but I tell u guys whenever I read my writings I exprience those deeply …finally say that I respect my all posts.

  • Who is your favourite blogger?

answer-again cant deciede…..u know here i noticed that every blogger has his/her own special quality and stuff….so i can’t …but I would like to mark some Thought for change as yogi like her post abt development of self- experiences Supriya Mishra as her post like killing simplicity, Akshaya as realistic containing inspirational posts,Neha Sharma as like an interesting informative school, Himanshi as an amazing photographer……nd finally say u all r very good bloggers nd I like u all..🌼

  • What is ur favourite food u have eating in foreign country?

answer- 🤔🤔🤔..thinking… thinking..Lol😀

I have not gone out India😌

  • Where did you go on your first trip and how old are you?

answer-I went on my 1st trip for Kolkata when I was 10 years old and you know guys that trip had been going on for 5 years…lol😀…Actually, after that trip I shifted in Kolkata .

  • What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done ?

answer-Aaaa…yes I did that .About 2year ago one horrible night gave me that chance lol 😄..Listen, it was 12pm and that night I was to sleep in my mom room.(Mom had already slept.) I entered into the room and when I was about to off the light suddenly my eyes jumped on the window and I scared badly …a snake moving on the window and slowly slowly entering in the room…I looked the snake and look at my slept Mom…again looked the snake and my Mom..again and again….and then my fear changed into anger.I went there senselessly and banged the window and latched that forcefully. kachchchch….kachchch…happened…😄.actually backbones of the snake was cracking(bcz half of that body inside the window and other half on outside..) .Bcz of these sounds Mom woke up and even as she saw the wriggling snake began screaming….and saying me ;room se bahar jao…. room se bahar jao,…..Then I also began sreaming….till then my all family members had come and then they handled that…

Huhhhhh….this was my adventurous story. Guys I don’t know how could I do that…😊

  • What is the most favourite and least favourite things about blogging?

answer-I couldn’t find the least favorite thing about blogging. But one funny thing I have found here …the way of thanking in comment section..😁.(u know guys …what I wanna say…)plzz dont mind friends….But my most favourite about blogging is to interaction with other.Blogging gives me the chance to know amazing and lovely people here….I love all of you frnds.. 😉

  • What makes you different from any other blogger?

answer-I can’t answer this bcz I have never compare myself with anyone about writing. Here everyone has own effort,own specialities,own ideas and own style.And if you ask about my style then I will say u that I don’t like adding the suffix -ist in my ideas or my experiences. This is the answer.

  • What is your favourite book or travel movie?

answer-I m not sure about one favorite book but sure about one writer . Bcz I love her all books and she is AMRITA PRITAM (My darling writer and poetess..)😘😘😘…

  • The best travel picture you have ever taken.

answer-I have nothing for this question..😑


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  • Nirant Gurav
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  • What is your favorite creation about writing?
  • Who is your favourite blogger?
  • Why you write?(my most favorite and unsolved question till now)
  • What is your most adventurous thing you have ever done?
  • What makes you different from any other blogger?
  • What is your favourite book?
  • What is the funniest thing you have ever done till now?
  • Share one confession about your relationship
  • Which one dream you can never forget?(I m asking about closed eyes dream..😂)

Thanks again my dearie sis Akshaya… 😘😘

AND thank you all for undergoing my long and boring answer😍😍😉




Life is stones of different thoughts

Which collide and emit sparks of

Power of creation….


Sprouted thoughts..

खाली-से कुछ खालीपन

खाली इक जमीं की तलाश है

जहां उगा सकूं इंसानों के कुछ सपने

खाली-से इक जान की तमन्ना है

जहाँ भर सकूं नयी सांस, नई धड़कनें

खाली-सी चाहिए कुछ बातें

भर सकूं जिसमें नए जज्बात के रंग

खाली-सी हो कुछ ख्वाहिशें

जिसपर लिख सकूं हकीकत के कुछ फसाने

खाली-सा इक समंदर दे दो

लहरें भरूंगी अपने जिंदादिली की

खाली आसमां भी हो तो बेहतर

सितारे लगाऊं अपने खुद्दार इरादों के

खाली-सा हो कुछ खालीपन भी

जहां इम्तिहान से गुजर सके जिंदगी…


From peep hole of memory..

Hii friends ,today I m sharing a special piece

Special for me bcz a lot of beautiful memories are connected with this.

This is the poem written by me when I was in 10th std.😊 and I recited this in my school annual function and after this something happened amazing for me..First – my english teacher came to me and told “u r awesome “🙈 and after that principal came and give me a beautiful pen🙈 and then my best friend came and kissed me🙈🙈🙈…

I don’t know how much praiseworthy is this ?

But I hope u will like it…

उम्मीद हूं मैं

उम्मीद से मिलती हूँ मैं,
उम्मीद में चलती हूँ मैं,
उम्मीद मेरी राह है,
उम्मीद की राही हूँ मैं,
राह मेरी एक है,
उम्मीद है इसकी अनन्त,
मौज जैसी झूमती
इस राह में चलती हूँ मैं।
उम्मीद मेरी मर्ज है
उम्मीद इसकी औषधि,
उम्मीद मेरी आस है
उम्मीद की प्यासी हूँ मैं।
उम्मीद की इस राह में
काँटे, पत्थर जो मिले
काँटों को मैं सेज बना
पत्थर तोड़ती चलूँ मैं।
उम्मीद मेरी आरजू
उम्मीद में जीती हूँ मैं,
ओ जाने वाले तुझे
उम्मीद में देखूंगी मैं,
सुन लो मेरी आवाज ऐ
उम्मीदों की उम्मीद मैं

Words is not allowed here😍

लिखना चाहो उनको कभी

समेटना चाहो शब्दों में उनकी मस्तियाँ

क्या यार😟

स्याही ही हंस पड़ती है, फैल जाती है

पन्नों पर इधर -उधर

कोशिश करे कलम कितनी भी

लिखे उनके लिए कोई खूबसूरत नज्म

क्या यार😕

शब्द निकल कर उड़ने लगते हैं

इधर -उधर, हंसते-खिलखिलाते

छोड़ दिया मैंने ये सब कोशिशें

बैठ गई हूं आहत जज्बातों के साथ😔

तो देखो जरा दुनियावालों!

उन्होंने खुद को कितने सुंदर नज्मों में ढ़ाला है


🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🌹खुबसूरती चक्कर काटने लगी मेरे चारों ओर🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

मैं भी खेलने लगी उन शब्दों से

उठा-उठाकर फेंकने लगी ,कर दिया पूरा गड्डमड्ड ,लेकिन यहां

खूबसूरती खोने का मातम नहीं

बल्कि पूरा जश्न है उस रिश्ते का

जिसे हम ‘दोस्ती’ कहते हैं💥💥


@Happy Friendship Day💟

Rebellion of words..

लिखा है इक नज्म जबरदस्ती

सुंदर भी है और सजा हुआ भी

लेकिन घूर रहे हैं हर एक हर्फ मुझे

कोई सिमट के बैठी है ऐसे

भरे बाजार में दुपट्टा छीना हो जैसे

कोई लांघ कर पार करना चाहती है

पन्नों के दायरे

कोई तो तोड़ देना चाहती है कलम मेरी

कोई जला देना चाहती है मेरे हर एहसास

कोई ऐसी भी है जो पिला देना चाहती है

जहर मेरे स्याही को

ताकि निकले उनसे केवल मरे हुए अल्फाज

जायज है इनकी सारी बगावतें

गुनहगार हूं मैं इक मासूम नज्म की

क्योंकि बालात्कार किया है मैंने उनका….

Love Beyond Love…

ये जिस्म, ये जान, ये रूह

ये ज़ज्बात, ये एहसास, ये अश्क

ये तड़प, ये ख़्वाब, ये ख़्वाहिश

इश्क मुकम्मल नहीं फिर भी

शुक्रिया तुम्हें फिर भी

पता तो लगा कि खुदा ने

किया है शामिल

हमारे वजूद में कुछ और भी…….